Monday, April 6, 2009

Another Away Game...

Just Another GameDay.... Thats what it wasnt feeling like in A Real Way!!No need to even get in to detail but trust and believe the mentality is on one i never felt i had to goto right now but in A way its one that i should have and knew it would trickle over from my way of life outside of football. Its on me to lead to gamechange to gamebreak and to take over!! Enough said... Week 2 is out the way another game with personal stats that i cant be ashamed of without a doubt but i...yes I need more I want more I want it ALL...Because when everythings said and done someone needs to step up and take the lead! So Follow the leader this is week 3 time to lead to the promise land! I Got Faith in my Guys but a Spark Plug is needed and will be applied!

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